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Experience the beauty of kimono and feel like you are in Kyoto.

The photography team's works are of high quality and deeply reflect your rich life.

[Hanaikada] The beautiful cherry blossom petals fall on the water one after another, and they have a romantic name called "Hanata Pavilion". From blooming to full bloom to scattered, cherry blossoms are full of visual beauty. The fallen cherry blossom petals float on the water, forming a soft pink carpet of cherry blossom petals on the water. The beautiful name "flower raft" came into being; "Ting" is Traditional buildings common in Southeast Asia are used for pedestrians to rest and are also a source of inspiration for ancient poets and poets.

Hanafatei, which provides romantic and unique Japanese antique kimono rental experience and photography, brings together the beauty of visual art and spiritual meaning, and uses it to express the meaning of the brand, symbolizing that people who come here can immerse themselves in the beautiful time for a while. , feel the romance of Japanese style and the dream of time corridor.

Pin No. 141, Jinhua Street, Daan District, Taipei City

Clock 11:00~18:00 (flexible adjustment if reservation is made)

Phone Call 0906-003-141

About Reservation required, can be reserved, photos can be taken inside, pet-friendly

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