New Year's Eve activities

"Punch in and send the guardian"

During the New Year's Eve event (12/30-1/1), if you go to the park to take photos and check in, and follow the Facebook fan group of Rongjin Time Life Park, you can go to the visitor center to redeem a Rongzi Royal Shou. (random style)

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Kyomachiyama Honya's "New Year's Cake - Pounded Mochi"

🇯🇵 Important events at the end of the year🇯🇵
Let’s experience “Making Mochi to Welcome the New Year” at Keimachiyama Honya
Location: The open space in front of the outdoor terrace of Kyomachi Yamamotoya
Time: 12/30 (Saturday) 14:00~18:00
limited spots
Six groups per game
Appointments accepted during 15:00~/17:00~
On-site registration for the rest (until capacity is filled)
Experience fee: $150/person
(Includes experience + one serving of freshly made mochi soybean flour flavor)
Freshly pounded mochi is also sold on site.
We also welcome everyone to come and watch this major event at the end of the year!
To sign up for the experience, please search "Kyomachi Yamamotoya" on Facebook.
Yamamotoya New Year’s Eve Activities
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