community health care

"Daanology" (Daanlogy) is based on the profound artistic atmosphere and cultural history of Daan District, combines education, environment and healthy life philosophy, and is committed to the practice of "medical residence, animal husbandry: local creation, integration of science and culture, health and well-being" A livable and symbiotic community. Taipei City Shengde Foundation, a legal person, is the first to enter the community to establish a friendly and trusting relationship. Through systematic research, design development and resource integration, it plans programs and courses to meet the needs of the elderly and the next generation (over 50 years old) for health, social interaction and home living. Peace and other needs. At the same time, we continue to invest in the four packages of long-term care 2.0 (professional care, transportation, assistive devices and environment, and respite services) to provide resources and services such as health promotion, chronic disease management and prevention, delaying dementia and disability, and family care. ; From the perspective of preventive medicine, we divide the objects we serve into the following three levels, and provide corresponding resource integration and services according to the needs of different stages: Primary prevention: For completely healthy people, we provide care services to promote health and prevent diseases. Secondary prevention: For sub-healthy people, care services are provided to delay the severity of disease, disability and dementia. Tertiary prevention: Provide physical and mental rehabilitation and life support and independence to those who are sick, disabled or mentally ill. With reference to Japan's Sugamo Jizo Shopping Street and the Buddhist Garden, a model of symbiotic community, "Da'an Academy: Rongjin Community Health Center" was established as an intermediary between medical institutions and community families to implement community home care services and resource sharing, and create a " It integrates food, clothing, housing, transportation, education, entertainment, and medicine, and combines cloud medical care and smart homes/communities to jointly innovate with universities, colleges, medical institutions and other groups and organizations, and develop big data to ensure that people can move from community to home. Health, well-being and life care, and seamlessly connected with medical care, so that services can continue without interruption to realize the vision of care in place.