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Lunch set meal | Xunwei snacks | Japanese sake

The most beautiful Showa-style izakaya in Taipei

In the retro style of blending Japan and the West, drink good wine and taste delicious food

When you come to JEE WOO, you feel as comfortable as coming to a good friend's home.
A Japanese-style old house decorated with classic American retro toys and old Japanese items from the 1970s and 1980s.
In the fresh rush scent of the tatami, you can feel the leisurely style of the Showa period that blends Japan and the West.
Unique and comfortable atmosphere and friendly and considerate service,
In addition, we use Jipin Health’s carefully selected ingredients and make heart-warming dishes as if we are entertaining relatives and friends.
Let JEE WOO Jiwu be like a secret base with three or five friends, comfortable and relaxing.
At noon, prepare a variety of Japanese set meals and limited meals developed according to the seasons, which is a good place to eat when you are not inspired;
At night, it transforms into an izakaya serving fried food, grilled food and other meals, perfect for parties.
Chat while drinking Japanese wine in a private room, adding a drunken happy filter to the happy gathering time!

Pin No. 145, Jinhua Street, Daan District, Taipei City

Clock Sunday~Thursday 11:00~14:30; 18:00~21:00
Friday~Saturday 11:00~14:30; 18:00~22:00

Phone Call (02)2391-8563

About Can be reserved, service fee charged, pet friendly

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