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High-looking and exquisite dessert products, 360-degree photography without blind spots

Purely handmade by Japanese craftsmen, fresh and limited in quantity every day

A Japanese-style old house combined with French modern elements, a must-visit for photos and check-ins

Visiting Jinhua Street in Da'an District, Taipei City, is like stepping on a traditional Japanese street through time and space. Jinhua Street along the street was once the dormitory of many Japanese civil servants. These buildings, which are nearly 80-90 years old, are in the "Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Taipei City Government" Under the planning of the "Old House Culture Movement" and many private groups, it has gained new life.

The "Jin Jin Ding" flagship store for souvenirs and desserts for young people is one of the earliest historical buildings to be restored on Jinhua Street. It is located directly opposite the Rongjin Time Life Park. The name "Jin Jin Ding" combines the place name of today's Jinhua Street and the past Nishiki Town. Through the efforts of the brand, we hope to link the past and future of this land with humane souvenirs and desserts. , bringing up the memories and emotions between people and this land.

"Jin Jin Ding" is not only a souvenir dessert shop, but also through cultural creativity and art experience planning, it integrates the current Taiwanese cultural and creative style into the beauty of the old buildings in the past, and adds a humanistic salon space to create a geometric beauty and a strong cultural gathering. .

Pin No. 139, Jinhua Street, Daan District, Taipei City

Clock 11:00~19:00

Phone Call (02)2395-2688

About For takeout only, photos can be taken inside

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