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"Kyomachi Yamamotoya" is a brand with the main purpose of becoming a bridge of friendship between Japan and Taiwan. It recreates the authenticity and deliciousness of Japan in Taiwan, introduces Kyoto's goodies and Japan's authentic tea snacks and delicious meals, and allows everyone to learn through various cultural courses. Experience Japanese style with ease.

The retail section of the store sells handmade products, handicrafts, tea bowls and utensils, high-quality groceries and Kyoto carefully selected ingredients, seasonings and other products made by Kyoto craftsmen, making you feel like you are in a Kyoto tea house; the tea section offers grilled skewers, freshly made rice dumplings, etc. Warabi cakes, various handmade Japanese desserts, paired with Japanese tea, matcha, etc.; the light snack section provides classic Japanese tea house light meals, matcha noodles, Inari sushi, teazuke rice and small bowl dishes, etc., served hot or cold A variety of options; experience classrooms where you can make your own matcha in the Japanese-style space, or make Japanese confectionery snacks, etc.; the stacked rice space is suitable for private services, flower arrangements, tea ceremonies, cooking classes, meetings, etc. More possibilities can be created.

The dining car at the side entrance will sell live products such as grilled dango, shaved ice, matcha red bean soup, etc. depending on the season, allowing you to enjoy the immersive flavor of a Kyoto machiya.


Pin No. 143, Jinhua Street, Daan District, Taipei City

Clock 11:00~20:00, closed to the public on Thursday Diversity Day

Phone Call (02) 2391-0206 Reservation

About The venue can be reserved , service fee is charged , no child seats are provided

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