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Carefully select maternal and infant products from all over the world to provide exquisite and aesthetically pleasing parenting daily necessities.

Through the aesthetic environment of daily objects, parents and children can experience aesthetic art.

The unique and delicate gift comes in a high-quality gift box, conveying the giver’s most sincere blessings.

Mon Bonbon means "my candy" in French, which means "every child is a sweet baby in the mother's heart."

Born from two mothers, Teresa & Maggie, with the starting point of "by moms, for moms.", they bring the most appropriate life enjoyment to mothers and children through natural, beautiful and pleasant things. Together with all mothers, we build the beauty we want for our children day by day.

It's the little memories that will last a lifetime. We believe that there is a seed of beauty in every child's heart. The senses of the body are the touch of experiencing beauty. From the experience of a good life, persistence in beauty, elegance and quality are nurtured, and the most basic point of developing a sense of beauty is cultivated.

Mon Bonbon carefully selects exquisite products from France, the United Kingdom, Japan and other parts of the world to bring more gentle and beautiful scenery to the home with high-quality parent-child daily necessities. And through the charming texture of each product, it conveys the full heart to the gift giver.

Each Mon Bonbon customized gift box is the crystallization of texture and intention. All gifts are carefully packaged by dedicated personnel, using high-pound copper cardboard, and adding endless ribbons and lining paper for the recipient to receive. My most sincere blessings.

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