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Provide customers with safe and healthy products and services that are in line with Haoqiu's commitment.

Continue to promote local brands and teams in Taiwan that grow together with Haoqiu.

We encourage every partner and guest to become a better version of themselves through practice.

With delicious bagels loaded with Taiwanese ingredients and lifestyle curated selections, the good people and things that Haoqiu has always gathered are brought to the streets and penetrate into everyone's lives. On The Road means that we want to be one of the stops on your life journey, and we hope that through this encounter, we can go with you on the road to a better life in the next journey.

【Theme catering】

Haoqiu has upgraded the popular Thick Chan Bagel to the "Thick Chan Bagel". In addition to using real ingredients to add layers, stacking dense cheese, handmade panna cotta and Basque cake, it is sandwiched with a special moist signature bagel. Here, the taste of food is greatly upgraded and you can taste more levels of happiness. Finally, add naughty eye chocolate to give each "Chan bagel" the same unique personality and vitality as you. There are 6 types of Chan bagels, each representing a different personality. Which "Chan bagel" do you want to bring today? ”What about On The Road with you?

【Curatorial Selection】D&L (A Design & Life Project)

The unique products and space furnishings convey the idea of ​​life. The selected objects are not only beautiful but also durable. It is a Home Store that can truly build life.


Pin No. 161, Jinhua Street, Daan District, Taipei City

Clock Weekdays 11:00~20:00 Holidays 10:00~20:00

Phone Call 0909-537-995

About The venue can be reserved, photos can be taken inside, pet-friendly

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