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Taihu Brewing is a company that loves beer. Curiosity and enthusiasm make us unwilling to be bored.

Committed to trying different experience spaces to bring rich and special drinking experience

Taihuju Dumpling House creates a Japanese-style izakaya style, interpreting the Japanese dining and wine space with "eating dumplings with beer"

Taihu Brewing is a local brewery in Taiwan. Since 2014, it has been determined to make friends with delicious beer, do interesting things, break through the traditional framework, and challenge various limits. In addition to continuing to expand the drinking market and space base at home and abroad, Taihu is also committed to promoting local culture and bringing a rich and colorful drinking experience to wine lovers with the spirit of diversity and integration. "Taihu Brewing" creates a new concept store of "eating dumplings with beer" in the style of a Japanese izakaya. It plans a catering design for men, women, old and young, and caters to all sizes. It upholds the brand spirit of always maintaining curiosity and unwillingness to be bored, and reinterprets novel The Japanese-style dining and wine space creates a new base for sipping that is comfortable yet sophisticated.

Pin No. 155, Jinhua Street, Daan District, Taipei City

Clock Monday to Thursday 16:00~23:30 Friday to Saturday 11:00~00:30 Sunday 11:00~23:30

Phone Call (02)2391-0150

About Can be reserved, photos can be taken inside, pet-friendly

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